ZB500N2 internally pumped vacuum packaging unit

Vacuum packaging machine

Application: food, grain, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, etc.

Suitable materials: flour, yeast, grain flour, Chinese medicine powder, etc.

Packing speed: 35-40 bales / min.

Bag making: pillow bag

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  • Introduction
  • Parameters

  • Equipment Description:

    The automatic vacuum packaging system is composed of DT5 induction dump hoist, CJS2000F four-station computer scale, VFS5000FS vertical filling packaging unit, ZB500N2 internal pumping vacuum unit and finished product conveyor. According to different materials, the products with different shape and size can be made. It has the characteristics of fast packing speed, good sealing effect, long sealing time and beautiful appearance. The vacuum of the unit is better because of the internal suction vacuum. It is widely used in vacuum packaging of food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

  • Equipment parameters:

    Packing speed 6-15 bales / min

    Measurement range 1kg-5kg

    Bag making form pillow bag bag size (50-460) x (80-350) mm (L*W)

    Measurement accuracy 5g-10g compressed air 0.6Mpa 0.65m3/min

    Maximum permitted outer diameter 500mm

    Coil core diameter is 75mm

    Machine weight 2000Kg

    Power 5.5Kw 380V + 10% 50Hz