Secondary production line details introduction

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Equipment Introduction

The packaging machinery unit is mainly to complete the packaged pouch products (250-1000 g) required (in the form of arrangement: horizontal double row arranged) neatly into the bag, sewing bag out of the automatic packaging machine process. In order to achieve a small package from the bulk material to a woven bag, full automatic operation, saving manpower, material and financial inputs, to reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, the unit is widely used in washing powder, salt, seeds , milk powder and other powder, granular packaging machine is the first choice for major companies.

Equipment basically consists of the horizontal conveyor, double inclined conveyor, conveyor speed, counter manager charter, woven bags, automatic packaging machines, sewing machine, the product conveyor.

Production process: packaging materials to be weighing ----Automatic Vertical bag packaging machine pouch products ----Double standard conveyor speed inclined conveyor conveyor---- count charter management ---- bag automatic packing machine knitting sewing ----bags of product output.

The unit has the following advantages:

1. Automatic plastic materials can be realized to enhance small package, measuring, bag making, filling, printing, sealing, finished out of the fully automated; packing machine

2. Bag automatic packing machine can automatically on the bags, open bags, counting, filling, moving out, into automatic sewing machine sewing automatically. The packaging process to achieve unmanned. Package machine

3. The touch screen control unit, operation, specifications change, maintenance is very convenient, safe and reliable.

4. Can be arranged to achieve a variety of forms to meet the needs of our customers.

Main technical parameters:

1. This unit is suitable for packaging products range: 150g ~ 1000g bagged products;

2. Packaging Materials: Hard plastic bags, the size varies by product;

3. Packing speed: 6 ~10 large bags of bags / minute, pouch: 60 ~ 180 packs / min;

4. Arranged in the form of horizontal double row;

5. Compressed air: 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa, gas 0.8 m3/min;

6. Power: 6Kw 380V±10% ,50Hz.