2016 national college entrance examination [national volume] - Anhui Zhengyuan Packaging Technology

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We dare to guarantee 100 parts of equipment delivered to customers; 98 points of all equipment produced without inspection; we do not produce 61 points of equipment just passed, let alone 55 points of equipment failed. The answer is: Anhui Zhengyuan Packing Technology Co., Ltd. (zengran.com.cn).

This year's essay topic, from the topic level, is the different performance of parents on children's scores. From the theme point of view, it involves a standard of evaluation and reward. Everything has a standard. Only under this standard can reward have practical significance. First, according to the results of the results, the full score will be rewarded and the failure will be punished. Second, according to the process of evaluation, the progress will be rewarded and the retrogression will be punished. The two criteria for evaluation are reflected in life, work, social development, industrial production and so on. According to the survey report of quality management status of machinery manufacturing enterprises issued by China Quality Association recently, the average quality management maturity of machinery manufacturing enterprises is only 60 points (100 full points), and has just passed. The rate of localization of key equipment in enterprises is only half. Imperfect quality management and low localization rate of key equipment and components are still the main bottlenecks restricting the development of China's machinery manufacturing industry.

Yang Xuetong, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, said that quality problems are still one of the main problems for machinery manufacturing industry. To achieve the deep integration of industrialization and informatization, to promote advanced quality management methods in manufacturing enterprises and to realize intelligent manufacturing, the key is to implement them, which still has a long way to go. It's a long way to go.

As suggested in the report, in order to promote the transformation from Made-in-China to Creative-in-China, from Chinese Speed to Quality-in-China, and from Chinese Products to Chinese Brands, China's equipment manufacturing enterprises should redouble their efforts in promoting intelligent manufacturing and implementing quality management.

These problems have also attracted the attention of the national government departments, and some problems have been targeted solutions. At present, the development of all walks of life in China has also attracted the attention of the CPC Central Committee. For example, the development of manufacturing industry is one of the important industries in the development of domestic economy, and it is also a matter related to people's livelihood.

General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward a brilliant exposition and guidance on "Promoting the transformation from Made-in-China to Creation in China, from Speed to Quality in China, and from Chinese Products to Brand in China".

Anhui Zhengyuan Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. has been actively responding to the national policies and guidelines, and has also been supported by the national high-tech policies. It has won a number of national awards. From the manufacture of packaging machinery to independent research and development, it has entered the mature path of "manufacturing to creation".

Zhengyuan, Anhui Province, everyone has paid 100 points of effort to have the honor of the top ten enterprises in packaging machinery industry today. Only in this way can we be trusted by customers, sell well all over the world, and truly realize the "speed to quality change";

Quality is the life of a product and the guarantee of competitiveness. It directly affects the image and product image of an enterprise. Konosuke Matsushita, the God of Japanese business, has a famous saying: "for products, not 100 points or 0 points." Any product, if there is a single quality problem, means failure. Though simple, it contains profound truth. One hundred products and 99 products are qualified. As long as one of them is defective, in today's network word-of-mouth propaganda efforts can make the product lose the market competitiveness. For any enterprise, it is essential to prohibit any defective products from leaving the factory. All products listed on the market need to be qualified, which is the basis for the enterprise to maintain long-term credibility.

The development of an enterprise needs the support of customers, the transmission of word of mouth, and the formation of its own brand. The high quality of consistent products determines the survival and development of the enterprise. Whether China's packaging machinery can achieve international 99 points, whether some famous international brands can be born, we need the joint efforts of the entire packaging machinery industry, in order to create a better tomorrow for the packaging machinery industry!