The delegation of Suzhou visited Zhengyuan group to investigate the development of Intelligent Manuf

Publishdate:2017-11-09 Views:284

On the afternoon of July 13, 2017, the relevant leaders of Hefei accompanied the delegation of Suzhou to visit Zhengyuan Group, Anhui Yuanhong Machinery Automation Co., Ltd., Xinzhan District, Hefei, to inspect the development of the enterprise. Zhengyuan Group has been committed to the development and manufacture of intelligent unmanned packaging machinery. It is a professional enterprise in the domestic packaging machinery industry and a key enterprise in the intelligent manufacturing industry of Anhui Province.

Chairman Li Yisheng accompanied the delegation to the company's production workshop and introduced to the leaders the 20-year development process, R&D system, production layout and future development strategy of Zhengyuan Group. The related products and application of our company are mainly introduced.

After visiting the production workshop, the delegation had in-depth discussions and exchanges with the relevant personnel of Zhengyuan Group. Through visiting and understanding, the delegation leaders highly appraised and fully recognized the development achievements of Zhengyuan Group in the field of intelligent manufacturing. As a traditional mechanical manufacturing enterprise, Zhengyuan Group can innovate boldly in its operation mode. The next step is to vigorously promote the successful transformation of Zhengyuan Group to Suzhou City.

After the meeting, the relevant leaders of Zhengyuan Group said that they would actively respond to the national policy, explore independent innovation production mode, build intelligent chemical plants, make full use of the group's own advantages in the innovation and development of packaging machinery industry, share the successful experience of intelligent manufacturing with you, and make more positive tribute for China's manufacturing 2025. Offer! (Editor: Zhao Heng)